WordPress Blogging Made Even Simpler

•February 17, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Hello world!

Ahh, the famous WordPress greeting. If you’re here, that simple phrase may seem like the Holy Grail. The first time I installed WordPress on a site, the “Famous 5 Minute Installation” took me three days and I was ready to start pulling my hair out.

Now, I can’t really blame the good folks at WordPress.org or Automattic because I had resolved to get it working without asking anyone for help. And I might have been able to do it, too, if I wasn’t a complete and utter newb when it came to website mechanics.

Honestly, most of the time I spent on my computer between when I first decided to use WordPress and when I finally got it running was spent learning all the jargon and tools necessary to manage a regularly updated website.

In the end, I did have to break down and ask for help from my hosting provider. I’ll forever be grateful to Sheila for pointing out the difference between my root directory and sub-directories. Since then, it’s been relatively smooth sailing and I’ve been able to solve all my issues on my own (which isn’t really saying much since they were, for the most part, results of my own mistakes).

This site is for those of you out there who are like me – just a few steps up from computer illiteracy, somewhat intelligent, and stubbornly determined to create, maintain, and nurture your own website.

One last thing I’d like to mention here: this site was done with absolutely no money out of pocket, utilizing a free WordPress.com blog and the standard features. If, for some reason, this project grows much, much larger than it currently is, I may purchase some additional space, but for now, please consider it an example of what may be accomplished for free with WordPress.com.